Welcome to 34 Avenue des Champs Élysées, a unique space dedicated to your needs

I am looking for a lounge :

250m² divided into 5 rooms dedicated to your professional events and one-day seminars.  Aesthetics, flexibility, the freedom to choose your furniture and room configuration, plug and play, all-day assistance, kindness and good care are some of the benefits that we offer. Out team at cosy meeting center is dedicated to helping you improve your business experience.

Discover our rooms
Sur une table une tablette avec le logo de cosy meeting center et un micro. Dans l'arrière plan nous voyons des chaises en configuration de séminaire. L'objectif de l'image est de montrer un espace high-tech.

The reception desk of cosy meeting center with, on the right a television showing a page with "welcome" written in many languages, and on the right a girl standing behind the reception desk. The image is warm and welcoming.

Our goals:

Offer you a warm environment complete with a rooftop patio, aesthetic design, high tech tools, flexibility, and continuous evolution.

Facilitate your success and offer you a state of “peace of mind” throughout each of your events at cosy meeting center as we take charge of all technical, organisational and logistical aspects of your experience.

We emphasise the human value of caring for others: we are here to take care of you.

We all share the same genetic makeup that pushes us to want to help others. We aspire to offer you a customer experience that can be collectively and personally positive, as we welcome you as our guests at cosy meeting center for your professional meetings and events.

We are here for you and with you, providing you with our full attention and benevolance at all time. Qualified, versatile, reactive, and generous, our team here at cosy meeting center is dedicated to guiding you before, throughout, and after your meeting or event. Before: we organise and elaborate a tailored formula that conveniences you. The day of: you will benefit from technical and logistical support as our team remains at your disposal for the entirety of your stay. Afterwards: we take into account your feedback in order to continuously develop and evolve.

For the more distracted who may accidentally leave behind their phone, laptop charger, etc. at the end of your stay, rest assured that we can mail it to you !

Our wish is to create a partnership of trust with our clients.